Welcome to Girls Who Click

Girls Who Click nature photography classes for teen girls

Girls Who Click empowers teen girls to enter the male-dominated field of nature photography and use their work to further conservation efforts around the world. We aim to inspire a new generation of female nature photographers and conservationists through our free nature photography workshops for teen girls. We believe that photography is not just about making pretty pictures – it’s about using effective pictures to making a difference. Through Girls Who Click, girls will gather the confidence to pursue their passion and apply it as adult photographers and conservationists.

Our Students

Workshop students are teen girls, ages 13-18, who are interested in photography and conservation. Girls Who Click will make a special effort to recruit students from culturally diverse backgrounds. While many of our students have taken photography classes in school, no photography experience is required! Students are expected to bring their own camera gear, but it doesn’t have to be fancy. Even a smartphone will do! Two spaces in each workshop are reserved for low-income students, for whom camera equipment will be provided for the day.

Making an Impact

Using photographs to make a difference is part of our mission. Girls who take our workshops will have the opportunity to submit their top images to our online conservation photo marketplace. 100% of the sales of their prints will be donated to conservation organizations around the world. This contribution gives the girls the valuable experience of making a direct impact on the world and empowers them to continue this work in the future.