Featured Teens: Lauren and Brooke, Girls Who Click workshop participants

Featured Teens: Lauren and Brooke

Sisters Lauren and Brooke attended our Girl’s Photography Workshop in Moss Landing this October.  Their enthusiasm for photography and willingness to collaborate with other students in the class made them such a pleasure to work with.  While they were there to learn from Suzi, we felt it was our privilege to work with them, which is why we are choosing to highlight both Lauren and Brooke as Girls Who Click Featured Teens.

Brooke, age 14, loves being a hobby photographer and is developing her skills as a cinematographer.  She adores the fact that photos can “capture memories and special moments that people can hold onto forever…”  She finds photography to be an excellent way in which a person can express herself, be creative, and try new things.  In particular, Brooke finds that photography is an ideal way to blend her love of art and nature.  She hopes that others will be able to notice and appreciate the beauty of nature through her images.  Brooke been awarded in school for her film making and we can’t see what she accomplishes.

Photo by Brooke Toomey

Lauren, age 16, is a passionate photographer who has already decided to pursue a career in photography. An avid nature lover, she enjoys capturing images that are out of the ordinary. Her silhouettes of horses at sunset clearly demonstrate her eye for extraordinary composition and light. She is already an accomplished portrait photographer, which is quite remarkable, given her young age.  After participating in our workshop, Lauren says,

I definitely have a new respect for wildlife photographers, and I plan to take the time to focus on small details more often.  I would highly recommend attending this workshop if you are interested in photography or wildlife – you won’t be disappointed.

Photo taken by Lauren Toomey in Moss Landing, California in October, 2017
Photo taken by Lauren Toomey, October 2017 in Moss Landing, California

We are very proud of Brooke and Lauren and can’t wait to see where photography leads them in the future.


4 thoughts on “Featured Teens: Lauren and Brooke

  1. Thank you for taking the time to notice my girls passion for photography . They came home motivated and filled with a great day of new friends and a deeper understanding of the detail of this art form that they love. We are all grateful for the opportunity to join in on such a great day! Thank you again. Sincerely Kristin Toomey

    1. It was our pleasure, Kristin! Your girls were such a joy and I am especially enjoying that Lauren and I are staying in touch and brainstorming summer photography class ideas for teens. Many thanks for taking the time to let us know how much they enjoyed the class. They both have such bright futures! -Michelle

  2. Great story regarding these two sisters. I being a photoholic truly believe capturing the photo will always help keep the memories alive! Great job girls, love your smiles too!

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